5 At Home Workout Tips for your Week:


Create a Space.  If you clear out a room, heck half of a room and keep any equipment, mats, etc. in that dedicated space you’ll likely feel more present during your workouts.  It’s just like leaving your office and physically showing up to the gym. This one just happens to be only a few hundred feet away from your office.

Eliminate distractions.  That includes the dog and your mobile.  It means making sure the kids are occupied for 30 minutes or that someone else is available to care for them. Put up a sign if you have to – this is YOUR TIME.  Commit to honoring each minute of it.

Keep your intensity.  You only really need 20 minutes of intense exercise to get a great workout for the day.  How many of our METCON’s are 16-20 minutes in length? Don’t skip just because you don’t have a full hour to commit. Be efficient in your warm-up and move with a purpose.

Stick to your usual time.  This will help create routine – which we all need a little more of in times of uncertainty.  If you usually workout in the morning before work, stay with that. If you’re better at the end of the day, stay there.  Or, if you are changing it up and working out at lunch everyday, great! But commit to that time each day. It’s too easy for other things to eat up our time.  If you commit to a set workout time each day you’ll prioritize that instead of “fitting something in eventually” …which we all know never happens.

Add a competitive edge.  This will keep you accountable – it’s one thing to do 4 rounds of: 10 burpees, 20 sit-ups, 30 air squats – its another thing to report your time or do it over zoom with someone!  Jump into one of our zoom classes or record your times in True Coach. I promise you’ll get more out of it if you’re competing, whether that’s against the clock, someone else, or a personal previous score.


Awareness is the new sexiness?

Go ahead and search #fitness on your Instagram or Google.  Seriously do it, I’ll wait. 

You’ll see tons of (mostly photoshopped) pictures of #fitnessmodels that have learned how to pose well or videos athletes nailing complex gymnastics movements.

You’ll see ads for magic weight loss pills, shakes, cleanses, etc.

And before social media there were magazines… we’re constantly being told what’s desirable and how to get it fast.  

Let’s forget for a minute how toxic training solely for aesthetic purposes can be to your mental health -that’s a closely related topic but another blog post entirely (and don’t worry, it’s coming soon). 

Today we’re focusing on the process of sustainable change.  Whether that be weight loss, muscle gain, or better movement.  We all want to look like the #fitnessmodel we follow or be able to post really cool looking snatch/muscle-up/overhead squat videos. 

I think it all boils down to awareness, and perspective.

It starts with being aware of your intentions.  

It’s perfectly okay to notice and want to change something about your body without coming from a place of self loathing or trying to “fix” something that’s “wrong.” Your body is insanely adaptable, and it’s fun to challenge it in new ways! 

Likewise, however, approaching aesthetic change from a place of not feeling good enough can make your body less responsive to change.  If you stress and obsess your body will not respond well in the long run. 

Next, perspective. 

Have you ever been injured? Say you break your leg and have to be on crutches for a couple of months. Chances are you’ll never want to walk as badly as those weeks you’re in a cast. We constantly take movement for granted. 

Think of individuals you know that have limited mobility due to various handicaps.  They would give anything to squat, run, jump, hinge, push… you are a perfectly capable human and you should enjoy your abilities while you have them because 1) they will decrease as you age and 2) they could be gone much sooner than you expect.

When you were a kid, you used to love running around, jumping off things, cartwheeling… And then age brought more responsibility, stress, and lack of “play” into your life.  So you joined a gym to become a mindless cardio drone to try to loose weight. And when you realized that was terrible you definitely jumped on that latest cleanse in hopes it would “fix the problem.”

Please, for the love of all things good, stop. Start moving in ways that bring you joy. You’ll want to move more often, you’ll want to advance to the next level in areas that are fun for you – which shifts your perspective from purely aesthetic to focusing on what your body can DO, with your looks being the added bonus.

If you take anything away from this post, hear this:  the more you can focus on the process, get stronger, increase enjoyment around exercise, and relax around aesthetic goals, the better you will look!  The sexy is the side effect people.

I drew inspiration for this post from Tony Gentilcore and Jessi Kneeland – both total badass’s in my opinion.  Hop over and give their stuff a read!

See you in the gym!


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