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NO! That’s what we are here for. CrossFit is designed for individuals at any level. About 90% of our members had their first day of CrossFit with us. Everyone has to have their first day sometime and we will take great care of you. Every workout can be scaled and modified to accommodate any age or ability level.

We always begin with a “question of the day” as an ice breaker to help everyone to get to know each other. The coach will then go over the workout and take everyone through a guided warm-up. This will lead into the workout which again is 100% guided with the coach helping everyone decided which weight is best to work with and ensuring form is correct to keep everyone safe and getting in a great workout.

Coaching. Most importantly, you will be safe as you learn new movements as a coach will be always watching your form and keeping an eye on how much weight you are lifting. You are also told exactly what to do the entire time. No more going into 24 Hour Fitness and wandering around wondering what to do or how much to lift. You will get a great workout and be in and out the door in less than 60 minutes.

We have everyone go through our Fundamentals program, which consists of 3 one-on-one sessions. During these sessions a coach will teach you the movements used in class making sure you have great form and show you any modifications that might be necessary for you. If you feel like you need a few more sessions, many people choose to do a few months of personal training before getting into classes. Both are great options!

Yes. You have heard about people getting injured and wondering if you will too, we totally understand. People get injured mostly because of two reasons. Poor coaching and our ego getting a little ahead of ourselves. At CrossFit PE, you have nothing to worry about. Our coaches have had years of experience and this is our career. We have small classes so we can keep an eye on each person and if that ego ever gets carried away in your desire to lift more weight, you can bet that one of our coaches will intervene and help you choose a weight that is more appropriate to keep you safe. This is our job and we take it very seriously to give you a positive experience and keep you coming back!

Absolutely. This is the benefit of having coaches work so closely with our members. We can modify any exercise or swap out any exercise that is affecting your injured area. We also have Physical Therapists in our facility we can work with to help get that old injury taken care of.

Only if you want to. We are here to support YOUR goals. When we sit with you for your initial goal setting session, we’d love to hear what you would like to get out of your CrossFit experience and we will help you achieve it.