Programs For Everyone

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Personal Training

Want the fast track to reach your goals? Our customized personal training will get you there with programming specific to your goals. You will receive the highest level of accountability and support with your personal coach. This is also perfect for anyone that has previous injuries or with a specific goals such as a race or competition coming up. Many people also choose this option if you feel like CrossFit isn’t for you. Personal training is geared toward YOUR goals and the workouts can be more of a “traditional” workout if you’d like. Also, a great option for people either getting back into working out or starting up for the first time. We work at your pace and will take great care of you! We work with your schedule and you have the flexibility to adjust as needed to accommodate your busy lifestyle.

two women doing push ups in group fitness class

Group Classes

Hate to workout alone? Our group classes will keep you motived and pushing yourself as you are surrounded by a fun group that loves to work hard. All classes for for all levels, ages and abilities. We can scale and modify anything to start a beginner out slow as well as challenge a seasoned athlete. Our small group setting gives everyone a ton of attention to make sure proper form and weights are being used for the exercises. You will learn new skills, gain strength and get in a great sweat! Classes begin as early as 5:30am as well as weekend classes plus some open gym time if you want t little extra time with us.

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Does it feel like you have tried about a million diets? And did those diets either not give you the results you were looking for or make you feel like you were allowed to have ZERO FUN in order to stick with them? We have a completely different approach when it comes to nutrition. Our number one priority is for you to feel like to can stick to a healthy plan for the rest of your life and stop the yo-yo dieting resulting in frustration and even weight gain. Our weekly check-in’s will make sure your energy is high, your goals are being achieved and most importantly, it’s sustainable. You will still be able to enjoy that birthday cake and wine with friends as we will show you how to incorporate it into a healthy plan with moderation once and for all.

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Online Training

We understand not everyone is comfortable in a gym atmosphere during this time, that’s why we’re offering the same level of accountability while letting you stay in the comfort of your home. Or maybe you just prefer to start your new routine in a familiar atmosphere and have the convenience of an in-home workout – online training is a great option to ease into change. Just like our in-person training options, we have multiple tiers of support for our online training packages. You can choose to have programming provided for you to follow on your own, personal Zoom sessions, or a combination of the two.